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About Us - Mission Statement

The Mews is a small family run Boarding Cattery set in a very pretty part of rural Hampshire.

We are surrounded by an area of conservation woodland giving a tranquil environment for the cats who can happily watch the abundant birdlife who come to visit the water feature in the cattery gardens.

Our Cattery is by intention small and we intend to keep it that way.

This ensures that the cats all received individual attention at all times and are never left lonely.

Derek and I have been owned by cats all of our lives and currently have 8 cats sharing our home with us.

Why so many?

Well we foster for Cats Protection and occasionally one of our foster cats ends up staying for one reason or another.

Secondly I work part time at a veterinary centre where again a waif or stray needs some TLC and ends up staying but the real truth is we love cats and find them fascinating , enigmatic and loving creatures.

For these reasons we have a vast wealth of experience and knowledge to draw upon when caring for our feline guests.

This should ensure that you, the owner, can have a worry free holiday secure in the knowledge that your cat will be as spoilt by us as he/she is at home.

However, if you are still concerned about leaving him/her in our care you can always check via our webcams and see that all is well.

We are proud of the fact that we were accepted as a Feline Advisory Bureau Listed Cattery in our first month of opening as the criteria are very stringent.

You can see our FAB certficate here

We know, however, that our standards are high and that we will never accept second best in any area of our Cattery; be it cleaning, the food or even the litter we use, everything is of the highest quality and this shows in the happy contended cats who holiday with us.

We have very close links with our veterinary centre who are on call 24 hours a day.

Consequently, if we have any concerns about the health of a cat we seek medical advice immediately.

We are also trained in giving injections for diabetic cats and in the correct administration of medications.

Please feel free to come and visit at any time during our opening hours. No appointment is necessary. You may even like to sample some of our homemade foods!

Look forward to meeting you

Pauline and Derek Mason

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