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The continuing health of your cat is our highest priority. We know that our standards are high and that we will never accept second best in any area of our Cattery; be it cleaning, the food or even the litter we use: everything our guests is of the highest quality and this shows in the happy contented cats who holiday with us time and time again.

Should your furry friend be on medication we are all fully trained in administering medication correctly and are also trained in giving injections to diabetic cats.

Should we be concerned about any cat in our care we will seek medical attention immediately via Mildmay Veterinary Hospital who are our nominated Vets (

To ensure we cannot transmit any diseases or ailments to our guests we insist that all annual vaccinations are up to date. We therefore need to keep a copy of the current vaccination on file. This can be given to us when your pet arrives or be sent via email:

Flea and worm treatments should be given prior to arrival.

Our chalets are separated by transparent sneeze screens or sneeze gaps. This ensures that although the cats can see each other they cannot transmit anything between themselves.
We use a very high-quality veterinary disinfect daily and ensure that our bio-security standards are kept to the highest level possible.

We also have a chalet which is designed to fit the needs of elderly, infirm or convalescent cats. It has padding on the floor and a removable shelf for those who cannot or should not jump.

We are happy to nurse convalescent cats with the approval of your vet.

Convalescence Chalet

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