To love and understand cats


At Mews Boarding Cattery Hampshire, our guests can expect a full height, spacious and individually heated chalet suited to his/her individual needs. They will have a fully insulated and heated room with a window and window seat. Beds and fleeces are supplied although you can bring as much for your cats’ comfort as you wish.

The attached outside covered run has a fleece hammock, chair and sun shelf. As we are not permitted by the licencing authority to provide scratch posts we do have large logs in the run instead. A variety of toys are provided. Whilst the cats can see their neighbours due to the attached sneeze screens there is no direct contact between them.

All runs look out onto the garden and water feature which attracts wildlife and our free range chickens for added entertainment.

Everything was designed and built by specialist cattery contractors and meet the requirements set out by DEFRA in both size and safety.

We offer 3 sizes of chalet all with the same facilities:

  1. 1-2 cat accommodation
  2. Up to 4 cat accommodation
  3. Up to 6 cat accommodation

We even have two adjacent chalets which can be converted into accommodation for up to 8 cats or 4 very large cats.

We only house cats together if they are from the same family.

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